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Wholesale Discount Price

​We are always happy to share our products with your shops. We truly believe Vesrah quality products are bringing various benefit with new wind and atmosphere to your shop and your customers. 


For wholesales partners, our products will be distributed at the discount prices, 25-30+% off from the price shown in this website. You can request us wholesales price dealing through online-form below. 


When your request is accepted, you are automatically entitled 25% discount dealing and we provide you wholesales T&C. Once you agree with the T&C, we send you the 25% off price quotation for your orders. 

Your form should contain your initial order to buy at 25% discount price. It should be defined the minimum order value more than £1,000 (excl. Tax and delivery cost). It is reduced to £500 from second order. 

If you want to have an opportunity to try some products before making at least £1,000 of order. Please state it at the massage box in the form. We'll arrange a temporal agreement with one time 25% discount code.


Your wholesale discount rate is reviewed occasionally based on the annual sales amount. Other factors, such as potential dealing amount near future or influential level in the market, are taken into the account.




Wholesale Order Request Form
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