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Last site update: 05.Jul.2023
Street Brake Pads

Brake Pads

for Street


Av. price £29.27  (excl. VAT) / per disc

VD-JL Series (Standard Sintered)

The Vesrah VD-JL series is our original and standard sintered brake pad. They consist of 50% - 60% copper, which is very effective in high temperature environments. They don’t fade and offer excellent feeling in all weather conditions. These inexpensive replacement pads are great value for road going street bikes, offering reliability and minimum wear to the original OEM fitted stainless rotors.

SD Series (Ceramic Organic)

Av. price £17.25  (excl. VAT) / per disc

The Vesrah SD series is our only organic-type brake pad. The pad material consists of aramid fibre, metallic fibre and ceramic powder. A very economical brake pad, requiring little “bedding in” time, ideal for scooters, commuters, and small motorcycles, they are 100% asbestos-free and offer minimum wear to brake disc rotors.

ZD-CT Series (Sports Sintered)

Av. price £68.52  (excl. VAT) / per disc

ZD-CT series is higher grade sintered brake pad series upon VD-JL series. It has high-quality metallic blend materials, include tin, auxiliary friction material, graphite, and lubricant and the key element of expensive racing hard metal back plate. This combination allows you to ride not only street, but also track. This relatively inexpensive racing quality sports pad is gentle to all genuine stainless rotors.

Popular Selling Street Brake Pads


VD-JL 187  for Honda Africa-Twin (CRF1000), CB125R, CBR650R etc.

average rating is 4.5 out of 5


SD 958  for BMW R1250GS/ RT/RS (Rear), Royal Enfield Interceptor650, CCM Spitfire, Triumph Scrambler 1200XE(Rear) etc.

average rating is 4.5 out of 5


VD-JL 156  for Honda CB650R, SH125, NSS125 Forza, KawasakiZ650, NinjaA650, Triumph Bonneville Street-Twin etc.

average rating is 4.5 out of 5


SD 190  for PCX125 

average rating is 4 out of 5


Brake Pads

for Racing

(New arrival in the UK)

4 +1  Series

RJL-XX Series (High-Balanced)

Av. price £88.46  (excl. VAT) / per disc


RJL-XX series is our most successful racing brake pad series, especially in the US with winning AMA championships. This pad has natural initial bite and gets strong in power with progression. It also shows very low waring rate. This perfectly balanced brake pad gives you stable high-performance throughout races regardless lighter or heavier bikes.  

RJL-ZZ Series (Power Focused)

Av. price £98.28  (excl. VAT) / per disc


RJL-ZZ series is our latest racing brake pad series. It is designed by focusing on stopping power with bitable materials. It provides delightful performance for track-day ridings and all levels of racers who likes strong braking power from initial bite. For high-level long lap race, especially on heavier bikes, XX or SS could be a better option because of heat stability.

RJL-SS Series (Stability Focused)

Av. price £98.11  (excl. VAT) / per disc


RJL-SS series is also our latest racing brake pad series. It is designed to have similar stopping power as XX series, but to deliver more stable performance by linear material even at hot conditions. Developed for AMA championships and got 2nd place at Daytona 200. It’s ideal for long-lap races even endurance races on heavier bikes. It has been used by current top racing teams at Suzuka 8hours.

RJL Series (Established Original)

RJL series is our original racing brake pads series. It won 2000 WERA National Endurance 24 hrs.' race at Willow Springs and was only the pad that completed 24 hrs. on one set of pads. It brought the Vesrah RJL boom in the US. The established pad is powerful, durable, easy to control. This super low wearing cost effective option is ideal for trackdays riders who look for long life racing pad.

Av. price £78.00  (excl. VAT) / per disc

XD Series (Racing Rear)

Av. price £100.00  (excl. VAT) / per disc

XD series is our new innovative racing rear brake pads series. It possesses very low µ friction for making your foot operation easy. It also has hard metal back plate for resisting racing level heat. Probably the world first soft racing brake pads allow riders to step rear brake pedal roughly, hardly, and less cautiously. It will provides new fun for Trackdays riders and a good advantage for racers. 

Popular Selling Racing Brake Pads


RJL-ZZ 9031  for Genuine Brembo; Panigale, ZX10-R, GSX1000-R, F3&F4, Speed Triple, Fireblade SP, Super Duke, RSV4

average rating is 4.5 out of 5



RJL-XX 9088  for BMW 1000RR, R1250GS/GS Adventure, S1000XR, R1250RT

average rating is 4.5 out of 5



RJL 248  for Yamaha; R6, MT-07&09&10, XSR700&900, FZ1 series, R1, Tenere1200, XJR1300, XV1900

average rating is 4 out of 5



RJL-SS 355  for Kawasaki; Ninja ZX25R, Z900RS, Z1000, Ninja 1000 (SX), ZX10R (-2015), H2

average rating is 4 out of 5


Other Racing

 (Wholesales Only)

high-perf cyllinder head gasket_edited_e
Thin Cylinder Head Gasket

Vesrah is a gasket specialist and our technology is one of the top classes in the world. We have a special cylinder head gasket range for racing. The thinner thickness brings bigger kick power and the surface accurately treated prevents from blowing. Various thickness of high-performance gaskets provides you more powerful racing.

Titanium Engine Valve

Our engine valve quality is one of the top classes in the world. We now have a high-performance Titanium engine valve range. Strength and lightness of titanium can generate broader torque, higher horsepower, and better mileage. This premium engine valve was developed for racing purposes but is also available for street use.

Racing Brake Pads
Other Racing Products
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