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Vesrah is the trading name and is run by a UK based company RMA Business Ltd. RMA Business Ltd is the UK official agent of Vesrah Co., Inc. in Japan. imports Vesrah products from their factory in Japan directly and distributes to retailers across the UK and sells to individual end consumers.


Company director has recent racing experience in the BSB championships. It allows us to keep in touch with the UK's top racing field, understanding the UK market, and create retailer's trust.

Vesrah Co. (in Japan)

Vesrah is well-known as a Japanese brake pad specialty manufacturer and as a sales company based on accumulated know-how and experience.


Vesrah produces various motorcycle aftermarket parts such as brake pads, clutch parts, engine parts, oil filters, and so on and some of them, including brake pads, gaskets, and engine valves have high-quality of racing standard ranges.


The company established in Ibaraki Japan in 1950. After keeping stable and solid growing, the pure Japanese factory making high-quality products led Vesrah to become one of the motorcycle brake pads leading companies in the world.


In customer survey, especially in the US, Vesrah brake pads are likely to be supported by sports riders as their most favorite racing brake pads.


Vesrah’s challenge spirit keeps going and the field is now expanding to bicycle and marine industry fields.

Long standing since 1950

Around 1946, bicycles were augmented with 50cc engines in the Japanese market. This was prior to the motorcycle era, which started in the early 1950's. Vesrah was established as a bicycle OEM brake manufacturer in 1950 and began to supply motorcycle brakes to an OEM (Company “T”). “T” was a major player in the market at that time.


During the early 1960s, “T” eventually lost significant domestic market share to Company “H”, “Y” and “S” in the 2-stroke engine market. Takara Co. decided to increase and strengthen its sales efforts and created Vesrah Co. Inc. From the beginning, Vesrah’s emphasis from the beginning was on the QUALITY of its aftermarket products, which was a result of its OEM supplier experiences.


As Japanese motorcycles expanded their market share overseas in the 1980s, Vesrah products as aftermarket products also enjoyed a rapidly increased distribution overseas, (USA & European Market) rather than in the domestic market. Soon after in the 1990s, Vesrah brake pads became sought-after racing pads in the United State racing circuit.


In the 2000s, Takara’s manufacturing experience in organic resin brake pad was first recognized in the after-market. In the 2010s, Vesrah sintered metal pads gained very strong recognition and demand among AMA, Moto American and WERA riders. Especially, XX, SS, and ZZ materials are very popular among racers in the USA.


Currently, in the 2020 and onwards, Vesrah supplies pads and shoes with organic resin and/or sintered metal materials for a wide range of applications, from vintage to current Japanese and non-Japanese motorcycles. We grew and continue to grow along with our users’ and customers’ expectations. Vesrah's field is now expanding to bicycle and marine industry field.

We are factory

One of our product advantages is that Vesrah Co. Inc.(Vesrah Japan) is a pure factory company. There are only a couple of high-standard brake pad factories in Japan. We are one of them. Unlike brand companies, we are less affected by surrounding circumstances. We could react to everything quickly based on our market research. We could produce new attractive products to answering the market demand.  


As new motorcycle models are launched into the market, we first develop and manufacture the brake pads and the oil filters. It is not only for Japanese models but also for non-Japanese vehicles. We are aiming to be the company to provide you excellent quality parts that you are looking for. Vesrah aims to supply parts that are synonymous with relabeling and safety to live up to customers’ expectations.

Based on Japanese Technology

One of our product advantages is its of quality from Japanese latest technology. Vesrah’s high performance brake pads match or exceed OEM products. Whether you choose ceramic or sintered pads, you will enjoy the fruits of more than seven decades of careful attention to precise dimensions and material composition.


Everyone knows there is a dominative motorcycle brake pad brand in this field, but note that their pads are also made by one of the few brake pads factories in Japan. Our materials and producing costs are quite similar with them. Our high-quality material for the center back metal is exactly the same with their materials.


The iron back plates for our Racing brake pads are made with the same process used to make Katana (Japanese swords) so strong. This process results in dimensional stability at the higher temperatures that racing produces. Isn't it cool that our latest modern technology is based on the Japanese Samurai-era technology!


We believe our quality is at least equal with the quality of dominative motorcycle brake pad brand, despite it having lower prices. Perhaps, in our later version, which is produced by the latest cutting-edge technology, is better than their famous traditional pads.


We understand there is personal preference on the taste of brake pads, but it is a fact that some of AMA and All Japan top riders and top teams have been choosing our product as their ultimate weapon to stand out in their competition.

For motorcycle models from 1970's

Another one of our product advantages is its of wide cover range. Vesrah parts are distributed in the countries of Japan, the United States of America, the European Union, and many others. The reason for worldwide acceptance is not only the reliable quality but also the wide applications. This includes vintage models dating back to 1975!


In the Vesrah Application Search System (VASS), you can easily locate brake applications and parts numbers by searching our database for Scooters, Sports-bikes, Naked, Dirt-bikes, ATVs, UTV etc. for models manufactured by Japanese and all other worldwide makers.

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