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OEM Standard Gaskets for Street

Vesrah have been the specialists for motorcycle engine gaskets for a long time. Our technology is one of the top classes in the world and the precise gasket parts offer high user satisfaction.


Vesrah gaskets are available for street, dirt, and racing bikes and our OEM standard gasket offers you either an individual gasket (picture on the left) or complete gasket sets for your bike (picture on the right).

Thin Cylinder Head Gaskets for Racing

Vesrah has developed a special cylinder head gasket series for racing upon their OEM standard gasket series. This yellow package of high-performance cylinder head gaskets is available in the UK. (Note: This special cylinder head gasket is for racing purposes only).


The main feature of Vesrah racing head gasket is the thickness and precision treatment of surface. It is thinner than the original OEM standard gasket and various thicknesses are available. It creates smaller gauge of the combustion chamber and the high compression rate brings bigger kick power as a result. The precision treatment of the surface holds the highly compressed combustion perfectly and prevents the engine from blowing.

high-perf cyllinder head gasket.png
OEM Standard Engine Valves for Street

Vesrah have been the specialist for motorcycle engine valves for a long time. Our technology is one of the top classes in the world and our reliable engine valves offer fantastic user satisfaction.


The quality is brought by automated manufacturing process, from material shearing through final inspection and strict quality control. Our products are equal to, or even better than OEM equipment.

Titanium Engine Valves for Racing

Vesrah has developed a special engine valve series for racing, in addition to their OEM standard engine valve series. This yellow package of high-performance engine valves is available in the UK. (Note: This special engine valve is also valuable for street use).


A feature of Vesrah racing engine valve is the valuable material and precision surface treatment. The solid and light weight Titanium valve provides precision movement, less friction loss, higher wear resistance and better heat transfer than ordinal steel valves. Our forged special valves allow to achieve high rpm and to use more aggressive cam profile and can generate broader torque and higher horsepower, as well as better mileage as a result.

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