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How to

Brake Pads

Step1  Check your pad shape from your bike


Step2  Find the same shape in 'Go to Shop' page and click 'Select' ※1)

Step3  Make sure if it's right for your bike by scanning QR code ※2)

Step4  Choose your preferred pad line-up ※3) and quantity ※4)

Step5  Click 'Select' and follow the instructions to check out

※1  Here are limited images. Please contact us on your request.

※2  VASS also helps your model allocation check.

※3  Series information is available in the Product Info section below.

※4  Quantity of 1 means one package which contains two pieces   of pads, so a dual front brake disc bike needs the quantity of 2.

Head Gasket /Engine Valve  (Wholesales only)

Step1  Prepare the bike model details and standard OEM parts number

Step2  Find Vesrah item number from the list in Go To Shop page ※1)

Step3  Make sure if it is for your bike by using VASS ※2)

Step4  Click 'Order' and tell us your order

※1  There are limited listing. Please contact us on your request.

※2  VASS = Vesrah Application Search System

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