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Trial Sample Deal is available now!

We are looking for wholesale partners now. Vesrah brake Pads are not fake. We are welcome to let you try and taste before making wholesale partnership.  

After one year of our sincere business operation, we could start to receive some sign of interest from UK audience thankfully but haven't had almost of no wholesale partners yet. If your shop is looking for new quality brake pads at reasonable prices, if your racing garage is looking for alternative high-performance racing brake pads, please contact us.  


The wholesale partnership conditions are available on request. We promise to provide items at fair dealer discount prices. We are able to show you our import prices. We promise to provide quality products. We are able to show you our scientific comparison data with other top brand racing pads. (These must be at face-to-face meeting). 


Today, we would offer you the chance to taste our pads prior to making dealer partnership. You can try any of our motorcycle brake pads at our import prices. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us now. This is for UK registered companies and recognaised racing parties, one time per organisation, and six sets maximum.

  • UK registered companies / recognaised racing parties only

  • Provide items at the our import cost

  • Any motorcycle brake pads you are interested in

  • One time per organisation

  • Six sets maximum

  • Campaign lasts until further notice

Innovation! Weak (Soft) 
Racing Rear Pads.

New XD brake pad is for track use only, but doesn't have good stopping power!? This curious pads allow riders to step rear brake pedal roughly, hardly, less cautiously.

The horsepower of modern motorcycles has been increasing year by year and the ability how to use rear brake is getting more important factor for track riders. As the proof, hand operated rear brake system is getting common among top racers and racing teams.


However, you must hesitate to invest not small money into an uncertain item for your riding, especially if it is a risky crash-gone item. Then, Vesrah introduce you new XD rear brake pad for your solution. This innovative rear pad doesn't possess large stopping power and allows you to control rear brake by stepping rear brake pedal roughly, hardly, and less cautiously.


XD control rear brake pads have been launched recently in Japan and welcomed by many track riders and racing teams. We believe this pad must be useful in the UK. We have many hilly tracks. The combination between these tracks and modern power bikes requires riders to use rear brake, not only for power-slide control, but also for front-up control.


XD pads are now available in the UK, only on official UK importer We are pleased to provide all track riders an enjoyable opportunity to learn new technic and all racers new weapon to win.

eGift Card


You can't go wrong with a Vesrah eGift Card. Safety and right performance from quality pads pleases all riders. You can choose an amount without obtaining their model details and series preference....

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