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Brake Pads
for Racing

(new arrival for UK market)

4 +1  Series

Racing Brake Pads

For sports riders and the riders who are particular about brake pads, offers four choices of high-performance racing brake pad series; RJL, RJL-XX, RJL-ZZ, RJL-SS. Here is the explanation about the brake pad classification and our four racing brake pad series.

According to the pad friction material, motorcycle brake pads are categorised into two groups Organic and Sintered and all our racing pads series belong sintered brake pad. Our street series of VD-JL and ZD-CT are also sintered, but the racing series have got special metallic material blending for focusing on track riding environment.

Our four racing pads series have different taste in terms thinking of the balance among the elements; stopping power, stopping taste, life, and reducing rotor disk damage. There is no right answer what balance is the best because it is depending on external factors, such as type of motorcycle, riders ability and preference, and riding environment.


Stopping power and life time are usually at the relation of inverse proportion. The consideration for is not only the material softness, but also taking the heat management into the account. Moreover, since the braking power happens on the friction between brake pads and disk rotors, it have to put the priority for thinking about the matching between them. 


For example, Moto GP machines equip the pad called 'carbon'. However, carbon is very hard as material (imagine diamond). It doesn't create strong friction and not good matching with stainless rotors at all. Why are they using? It's because of heat resistance. So, they are spending million pounds for creating their carbon pads and special rotors for. It is almost impossible to create them at normal production level.


There are many brake pads materials available even for normal production market. There was an idea that providing suitable brake rotor disks together with the categorised brake pads for racing. It worked in 20 century when standard rotors are not good enough for the racing pad material. Vesrah also did it. However, since the current standard disc rotors on sports models are so high-quality and the idea doesn't make sense anymore, all top brake pads makers are focusing on creating high performance sintered brake pads for racing.


All Vesrah racing brake pads series are sintered brake pads and designed for rotor material SUS420, which is used for most of genuine rotors. The pads, manufactured in true high-technology production line, have four series; RJL, RJL-XX, RJL-ZZ, and RJL-SS. They have different characters, but all four series are capable for racing and works at highest level since your genuine rotors are good condition!

RJL Series  (Established Original)

RJL series is our original racing brake pads series. It won 2000 WERA National Endurance 24 hrs.' race at Willow Springs and was only the pad that completed 24 hrs. on one set of pads. It brought the Vesrah RJL boom in the US. This established pad is a powerful, durable, easy to control. This super low wearing rate cost effective option is ideal for Trackdays riders and the riders, looking for long life racing pad. 


RJL-XX Series  (High-Balanced)

RJL-XX series is our most successful racing brake pad series, especially in the US with winning AMA championships. This pad has natural initial bite and gets strong in power with progression. It also shows super low waring rate comparing with other top brand racing brake pads. This perfectly balanced brake pad gives you stable high-performance throughout races regardless on lighter or heavier bikes.  


RJL-ZZ Series  (Power Focused)

RJL-ZZ series is our latest racing brake pad series. It is designed by focusing on stopping power with bitable materials. It provides delightful performance for track-day ridings and all levels of racers who likes strong braking power from initial bite. For high-level long lap race, especially on heavier bikes, XX or SS could be a better option because of heat stability.


RJL-SS Series  (Stability Focused)

RJL-SS series is also our latest racing brake pad series. It is designed to have similar stopping power as XX series, but to deliver more stable performance by linear material even at hot conditions. Developed for AMA championships and got 2nd place at Daytona 200. It’s ideal for long-lap races even endurance races on heavier bikes. It has been used by current top racing teams at Suzuka 8hours.


Which is the best series for you?

RJL, RJL-XX, RJL-ZZ, or RJL-SS? The series explanations above will be main criterions on your choice. ZZ may be a better option for sprint races, especially for the person who likes strong initial bite. XX is better option for long-lap races, especially on heavy bikes. SS is better option for the condition, such as endurance race in a hot condition. RJL is good for Trackdays riders, looking for fun on economical pad.


However, all may be changed subject to other elements, such as competition level, type of machine, seasons, weather, type of track, and your preference etc. For example, ZZ is recommended for short lap races theoretically, but classic bikes short race may need flexibility and controllability than strong and sharp reaction. Then, original RJL series (even street sports ZD-CT series) could be the best option.


There is no correct answer ultimately. So we recommend you to pick your standard series first from your considerable elements; type of motorcycle, what level of races you compete in, how many laps your races have, and your riding style etc. The Series Line-up diagram (at one of Information pages) helps you for. Then, you can try next one which has the theoretical character you need more.

Tasting different character of brake pads is enjoyable and could be your additional fun for raiding tracks. It doesn't matter about the level. Remember, the best brake pad are personal preference and your speed is much higher than it on street anyway. You can feel differences and enjoy tasting on your level with own theory. We wish you enjoy our series, even with other brands, and find your favorite brake pads

Top rider's comment

For your interest, we have introduced a comment from one of the recent BSB Superbike Champions, talking about the character of Vesrah RJL-XX and RJL-ZZ on his modern high-power Super-bike machine.


“XX performance has high level of stopping power and construability and further good points is that it has a consistent lever position and has no drag on disc when lever is released. I like this.”


“ZZ has got larger stopping power from the first bite and very good at the early stage of the braking, but drops in performance late in the braking phase and the lever fades after high-speed 10 laps”


Top rider is admirable. As a manufacturer, this comment is very understandable. Vesrah continues our R&D to obtain further good impression and recognition from the motorcycle racing top fields.  

XD Series (Racing Rear pads)

Horsepower of modern motorcycles has been increasing year by year and how to use rear brake is getting important factor for your safe track riding as well as taking advantage on your racing. However, sensitive foot operation isn’t easy, even miss controlling may put you in danger.


Vesrah has invented special rear brake pads series for this tendency. It is racing pads but doesn't possess stopping power! The strange pad is created based on the idea to aim your easy rear brake control by allowing you to step brake pedal roughly, hardly, and less cautiously.


New XD pad must be useful in the UK because of hilly tracks. These tracks are requiring riders to use rear brake, not only for power-slide control, but also for front-up control. XD pad is easier and cheaper solution for all track riders and will be a new weapon for racers.

XD series has two compounds; Type-E and Type-S. While Type-E, developed by Vesrah All-Japan smaller bike class team, has standard friction µ compound, Type-S, developed by our Moto America Superbike team, has extra friction µ compound for heavier powerful bikes.

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