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Brake Pads 
for Street

3 Series 

Sintered and Organic

For leisure riders and commercial riders, offers three choices of street brake pads; VD-JL, SD and ZD-CT. Which is the best series for you? Bellow offers an explanation about general brake pad classification and where our three street brake pad series fit into these classifications.


According to the brake pad friction materials, motorcycle brake pads are generally categorised into two groups; Sintered brake pads and Organic brake pads. Organic is also called Resin or Ceramic. 


Sintered pads use metallic friction material. It has better stopping performance compared with the organic material pad. Blending different kinds of metallic materials creates various characteristics. 


Organic brake pads use a various range of non-metallic friction materials including carbon, typically ceramic. One benefit of organic pads is the cheaper costs of materials and production compared with sintered brake pads.

VD-JL Series  (Standard Sintered)

Vesrah VD-JL series is our original and standard sintered brake pad series. It uses 50%-60% of copper metal which works well in high temperature conditions. They don’t fade and offer you good control in all seasons and all weather conditions. Inexpensive OEM replacement pads are great value for street bikes. These reliable and established brake pads are gentle to all genuine stainless rotors.

SD Series  (Ceramic Organic)

Vesrah SD series is our only organic-type brake pads series. Our material consist of aramid fiber, metallic fiber, and ceramic powder. This type is known as easy to control with no bed-in time and low price, so that is ideal for beginners and commercial bikes. Our wide range covered ceramic pads are 100% asbestos-free. This budget pad is gentle to all kind of rotors.

ZD-CT Series  (Sports Sintered)

ZD-CT series is higher grade sintered brake pad series upon VD-JL series. It has high-quality metallic blend materials, include tin, auxiliary friction material, graphite, and lubricant and the key element of expensive racing hard metal back plate. This combination allows you to ride not only street, but also track. This relatively inexpensive racing quality sports pad is gentle to all genuine stainless rotors.

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Which is the best series for me?

Ceramic (SD) or Sintered (VD-JL, ZD-CT)? You could think of them in terms of traditional rating material classification; Good, Better, Best. 


However, your best matching brake pad shouldn't be decided by only the material classification which is simply measured on stopping power in a good environment. Your actual riding environment, budged circumstances must be taken into the account of your selection.


What type of motorcycle do you ride? Which type of brake pad (Organic or Sintered) is standard (OEM) on your bike? What environment do you usually ride in? What riding style do you have? What is your budget? What is your expectation on brake pads?

For example, aged motorcycles functionality don't need ZD-CT sports sintered pads which have racing standard high quality friction materials and expensive heat resist back plate. However, it may be worth enough for dressed up vintage expensive motorcycle.


Our unique Series Line-up diagram in other page might provide you some idea to choose your right brake pads according to your circumstances and preference. Brake pads are important item. Vesrah quality pads provide you safe and joyful riding with confidence.

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