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Product Line imports Vesrah motorcycle brake pads and some other racing standard items to the UK market, but Vesrah has a wide range of products which are all pure made in Japan.


Vesrah Global is a product information resource on all aftermarket parts, not only motorcycle products, but also other power sports enthusiasts. Please visit the Vesrah Japan website Product Line.


Here is a quick navigation for all Vesrah products. They, except the products selling in this website, aren't directly available in the UK, but please contact us. We could deliver them with some discount since it's a large quantity.

Disc Brake Pads

Vesrah is one of long-standing leading motorcycle brake pads manufactures in the world. The honest business based on Japanese high-technology and continuous R&D has brought reputation as reliable and high-quality. handles three street brake pad series and four+1 (Rear) racing brake pad series for UK market, 


there is another racing pad series of RX recently launched. Vesrah also has well-known high-performance DX series for motocross.

Brake Shoes

Vesrah has been producing brake shoes alongside with the disk brake pads. There are two types of lining; normal for efficient stopping power for motorcycles and scooters and grooved for ATV and dirt bike use. Vesrah brake shoes are available in the UK.

Brake Shoes.png

Vesrah gasket does not allow oil leak and available for street, dirt, racing, ATVs, scooters, and watercraft. It offers two types of packages; cylinder head gasket and complete gasket set which includes gasket for cylinder head, valve cover, crank case, cylinder base, exhaust, valve stem seals, O-rings and others required for your bike. 


The cylinder head gasket package has high-performance thinner racing cylinder head gaskets and it is available in the UK.

Oil Filters

Vesrah's original special paper material filters oil sludge and iron powder efficiently and keeps the engine in good condition. The number of flutings is optimised to reduce pressure loss. The solid-duty case provides excellent corrosion resistance. The high-quality oil filter gasket provides excellent oil leak resistance under repeating heat and cold conditions.

oil filter.png
Clutch Friction Plates

Vesrah clutch friction plates has two different materials; Fibrous and Cork. The fibrous material which is made of paper composite has better performance and adopted for most of the new models. The cork material has good cost-performance with durable life so that is using for current big motorcycles. Both our precision clutch

clutch discs.png

discs are high quality and meets and exceeds OEM specification products. Choice is decided by performance of clutch operation.

Clutch Steel Plates & Springs

Vesrah clutch steel plates are made of precision iron material from our latest technology. It keeps a flat surface to make a compatibility with the friction material and spring. Prefix of the product is CS for set like CS-306 and CP for individual like CP-3008. Vesrah clutch spring is a full line of products and fits clutch friction and 

clutch steets plates & springs.png

pressure plate. To achieve maximum efficiency, we recommend fitting our heat-treated spring which prefix is SK like SK-318.

Clutch kits

Vesrah complete clutch kit is designed by Mark June, Vesrah Suzuki racing team chief rider, through his rich races and mechanic experiences. The kit consists of Friction plate, Steel plate, Clutch spring and Gasket. The clutch case gasket uses superior sheet material due to anti heat resistance. This racing standard level of kit provides you convenient upgrade. 

Fork Seals

Vesrah fork oil seal does not allow oil to leak. Japanese quality gives you certain larger mechanical protection and your safety. Vesrah oil seal has two types of prefixes; AR and AS. AR is the combination of two piece of front fork seals. AS is the  combination of dust seal and fork seal one piece each and only for Honda motorcycle.

Fork Seals.png
Drive Belts

Vesrah has been producing two types of drive belt for Scooters and ATVs. Both are highly engineered for high power transmission. Proprietary material of belt construction and immaculate quality controls deliver durable belt quality and reliable performance.

Drive Belts.png
Engine Valves

Vesrah is an engine valve specialist. Our automated manufacturing process from the material shearing through to the final inspection and strict quality control assures that the quality of Vesrah engine valve is equal to, or even better than the OEM equipment. We also have special engine valves for racing which are available in

Engine valve 1.png

the UK. Titanium made solid and light engine valves are providing exceptional high-performance.

Con Rod Kits

Vesrah connecting rod delivers excellent mechanical strength under super high temperature conditions. Advanced-technology of carbonisation process gives the rods additional strength at stress points. The surface of bearing housing which is connected with the rod is precision machined. It is smoother than ice 

Con Rod Kits.png

and the irregularities are only measurable by the microscope. It provides full piston range with minimum energy friction loss.

Rubber Parts

Vesrah can supply miscellaneous engine rubber parts, such as Sealing rubbers, Rubber mountings, O rings, Camshaft holders, Plug cam shafts, and Rubber mountings for engine head cover. All our rubber parts are made in Japan. Equipping good engine rubber parts are very important to maintain an Engine in a good condition for a long period of time.

Rubber parts.png
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